The 5 Greatest Football Teams Of All Time

When eleven football players are assembled to play a game of football, there are so many things that can go wrong. However, with the right blend of football, the correct tactics and a crop of visionary players, a lot can be achieved. These players can go on to write their names in the books of history as one of the greatest teams ever. These are the 5 teams that have over the past decades emerged as the most feared teams of their time.


5. Arsenal 2004


This team was known for banging in goals with simplicity and for winning games with so much ease that others wondered what magic they used. They are however more famously known for their unbeaten run in which they went an entire season without losing a single game, earning the name 'The Invincibles'. The team played 38 league games without tasting defeat, a feat which was only ended with a 2-0 loss to Manchester United the next season. In the season that ‘The Invincibles’ went unbeaten, Thierry Henry scored 30 goals and the team was awarded a special Premier League Trophy to commemorate the unbeaten season.


4. Liverpool 1984


A team that took home the European Cup, English League and the League Cup, the Liverpool team of 1984 is one of the most fluid team that ever did play the game of football. The team almost had no faults with goal scorer Ian Rush netting goals for fun. The team went on to win a memorable European Cup final penalty shoot out in Rome and triumphed over As Roma. The star of that night was Bruce Grobbelaar who was only able to manage his heroism after the entire team played as a unit from defense to attack.


3. Real Madrid 1960


This team that had Ferenc Puskas who is one of the greatest talents to ever play in a Real Madrid shirt was one of the best teams ever assembled. Together with Aldredo di Stefano, the two made a mark as the finest players of not only their time but for a very long time to come. The 1960 team went on to win Real Madrid's 5th successive European Cup. Their style of play often sent sides into confusion with quick and intricate passing that tore defenses several times and created an avenue for the men in white to bang in goals whenever they pleased.


2. Manchester United 1999


This team is famous for so many reasons but one of them being its style of play which often meant that the team had to score more goals than just one. The team enjoyed great success and the peak of this came with the Champions League final where the Red Devils upset Bayern in a tightly contested affair. The game saw the men from Manchester come from a goal down to win the final in just two minutes. Alex Fergusson assembled an army of goal hungry young men who until this day are considered one of the best club teams every assembled.


1. Brazil 1970


When one player in a team is extremely skilled and everyone else is average, one can have a fairly good team. When two or three players are skilled, that is a total bonus. But when the entire team is overly skilled, that is nothing short of phenomenon. This team became popular for they style of play that was very attractive, extremely fast and very nice to the eye. This would be Pele's final appearance in a World Cup and they produced what is seen as the best team goal of all time when they scored against Italy in the final.


Written by Jason King

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