Memorable Football Moments

The ‘beautiful game’ of football has over the years seen some very interesting things that have stuck in the minds of many soccer lovers. Without a doubt, some of these moments were moments that can never be described even half as well as they ought to simply because they are too breath-taking. Some other moments make you want to replay the event over and over.


The 1999 Women's World Cup Finals


This event was supposed to announce that women should not to be left behind in the advancement of football. And true to their world, the women displayed some of the most scintillating football skills. The highlight of the tournament however, came in the final where the US was playing China. In front of a sold out crowd at the Rose Dowl in California, both teams failed to win the game in regular time and the game went to penalties. Us keeper Briana Scurry had been one the top performers for the team and she was the reason the US was still vying for the title. However Brandi Chastain, her team mate stole the spotlight when she fired home the winning goal and did something that very few players have been able to do - she tore off her jersey in celebration!


 The 1999 UEFA Champions League Final


This game was one of the most hugely anticipated games of the decade and it had Germany's Bayern Munich up against England's Manchester United in the final of the UEFA Champions League. For a great part of the match, United trailed after an early six minute foul by Ronny Johnsen on Bayern striker Carsten Jancker just outside the penalty area. Mario Basler stepped up to take the free kick and sent Bayern fans into celebration after he beat united keeper Peter Schmeichel. After 90 minutes, Bayern were comfortably in the lead and were set to win the Champions League when something extra ordinary happened. In the first of three minutes of injury time, Sheringham scored the goal that would momentarily silence Bayern and give United a ray of hope; at least to send them into extra time. However, just 30 seconds after the kick off United forced another corner and Solskjær shot the ball into the roof of the Bayern net. This is probably one of the greatest shock come backs of all time and after United had scored the second goal, Bayern players were almost unable to restart replay and were only assisted by referee Pierluigi Collina to get back to the game albeit for a few more seconds.


Diego Maradona’s Double Against England


For many England fans, the name Diego Maradona arouses feelings of dislike and anger. For other people, the name simply raises memories that will forever be held dear to soccer fanatics across the world. Argentina was playing England for a place at the 1986 World Cup semi finals and this game was regarded one of the most hugely contested games. Diego Maradonna’s two goals in the game will forever be remembered for two different reasons. The first was controversially allowed after what later came to be known as the ‘Hand of God’ in which Maradonna handed the ball as he sent it into the back of the net. The second goal will forever be remembered as ‘the goal of the century’ after Maradonna used his trickery, speed and vision to waltz his way through five outfield English players before he rounded English goalkeeper Shilton to score his and Argentina’s second goal after a scintillating 10-second-60-meter dash.


Written by Jason King

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